Khloé Kardashian sympathizes with opera singer Anjelica McRae on Revenge Body

'I call it love weight because you're happy and it doesn't bother you at the time. Then when you're bandage dresses online of it you're like ''How did I do this to myself?' recalled the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who was married to former NBA player Lamar Odom from 2009 to 2016.

'I keep getting typecast as the fat girl,' complained Anjelica.

Adding: 'I'm ready for roles that really mean something'.

Anjelica wanted to get revenge on her grandmother, her mother and her aunt who called her 'Free Willy' and a 'fat slob'.

At 212 pounds she had three months to work with Khloé's assigned trainer to slim down and tone up.

Celebrity trainer Latreal Mitchell said she'd push her 'right to that limit'.Khloé Kardashian used her own weight gain woes to sympathize with her subjects on Revenge Body on Thursday night.

The 32-year-old reality star helped talented opera singer Anjelica McRae to get in shape in the season finale of the E! network show.

Anjelica, a North Carolina resident, said she'd put on pounds after getting into a serious relationship.

'I've been there!' consoled Khloé.

Anjelica produced her weekly shopping bag, all of which she was forbidden to eat from that day forward.

Her new food plan was small, healthy meals throughout the day, with no dairy or sugar.

'I don't want her to be another statistic,' said Latreal, who noted the prevalence of diabetes in black women.

Anjelica experienced severe sugar withdrawal symptoms.

'I didn't realize how much of a drug sugar is,' said the former 'candy addict'.

She lost 20 pounds and 14 inches from her girth.

'I'm even singing better…you don't understand how thankful and Fashionable Herve Leger Fuschia Halter Bandage Dress Sale I am,' said Anjelica.Fashionable Herve Leger Fuschia Halter Bandage Dress Sale

She hit the stage to sing for her 'big reveal'.

'I am a star,' she said confidently at the end.

Khloé's next project was Ashley Padovano, a virgin, who ate 'a lot of junk food as a kid'.

'I escape into books…I love romance novels,' said Ashley who hates photographs and has faced heavy criticism from her mother.

'When my brother gained a lot of weight I was like ''You just turned invisible for a few years'', he didn't want his picture taken, it was so sad for me as a sister,' sympathized Khloé.

Ashley hit the gym with Lacey Stone, who helps Amanda Seyfried and other mens denali fleece jacket get fit.

She started at 193 pounds with high body fat of 43.4 percent, which classified her as obese.

'You're at risk for early death…it's time,' said Lacey.

Ashley beat a punching bag and worked out so hard she got sick.

'I will not let you fail,' urged Lacey.

The shy book-lover then met with a celebrity stylist to get some new togs.

'I'm no longer this timid person,' she said gleefully as she got her eyebrows shaped and some pro make-up.

She lost 18 pounds and her family sobbed when they saw her.

'I finally feel beautiful,' said Ashley.

'The new Ashley is like this fierce lioness who's like ''take my picture'' I'm ready,' she grinned.

She also got an apology from her mother. 

The episode titled Typecast & Camera Shy was the eighth and final show of the season.